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I care a lot about high quality content. This is why I want to ask you about your feedback.

Feel free to write anything you can think of - I'm grateful for any comments - including very specific tips on how something could be improved.

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Where is it too slowly moving forward / boring? (if you like with time or page information)
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If it's only a "preview version" - what do you think: can it go online already, or should I definitely change something? If so, what?
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If I make it again / new: What should I absolutely leave in it? (preferably in keywords)
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If I create it again / new: What should I change (how) or take out? (preferably in keywords)
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To what extent does the "thing" match your expectations?
Does it meet your expectations / is it different, better or worse than them?
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How good is it on an overall scale of 0-10 is it -  0 would be "It doesn't work at all!" - 10 would be "Wow!"?
If not 10, what is missing to become a 10?
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Is there anything else you want to share with me?
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1000 thanks for your support and time!!!

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