Storyline and Slide-Design

Crystal clear content convincing structure supporting slides

1-day seminar, online or on-site, or online as three webinars

For up to 10 leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers of any sector, in English or German

Your Benefit

The few minutes you have for your presentation often decide about the future of your whole project, about satisfied approval or raising criticism, they can decide about the future of your team, and your own.

The seminar shows you how to select and structure your content, how to make it clear and succinct, and how to support it with convincing slides. Additionally, you receive advanced tips for the effective use of PowerPoint – to be efficient in this process. This training does not cover the delivery of your content, your performance in front of your audience. We offer other seminars that address this.


  • You learn how to create clear content that is valuable and understandable for your counterpart
  • You learn how to create proper slides instead of crowded, cluttered, unsupportive ones


Crystal clear content

  • Your goal and your take-home-message
  • Your structure as hierarchy
  • Proven structures of argumentation
  • How to start and end well

Slide design

  • The six Golden Rules of slide design
  • Advanced tips and tricks for PowerPoint

Discussing your questions


Trainer input, exercises to create clear content, to rework own slides, feedback by other participants and trainer, discussion in small groups and plenum. Also the online version is highly interactive, using virtual breakout sessions.

Required for Participation

  • A computer/laptop with own slides of former presentations and your presentation software.
  • Sending in exemplary former presentation slides (content can be modified/blurred/anonymized).

Do you want to learn a practical and applicable method that makes grow your scientific presentations? If yes, this is your course.

I wanted to join this course because, in general, I think scientist have problems to make clear and convincing scientific presentations, and this is something that we need to work.
He is giving you a lot of applicable tips and techniques that will make your presentations grow, because scientific presentations don’t need to be boring. My expectations were fully covered.

Raquel Gomez Oca PhD Student at IGBMC Strasbourg
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