The founder

About Matthias

A couple of questions and answers

What gave you the impetus to found ysa?

That I know from almost 20 years of work with young, motivated scientists that such an offer is still urgently needed and desired by many.

What do you bring with you?

Three essential things:
I've experienced many of the situations myself in my own life, sometimes it hurt until I learned something. I am trained as a scientist and an artist. This experience flows into my trainings.

Second, over the past twenty years, I have researched extensively the areas we teach and compiled the best and most successful ideas that other people can credibly report on. I've tried most of them myself. If they have passed this "test", these will also be incorporated into our seminars.

And third: I am still learning new things with every seminar and coaching. The basic concept of our seminars is very appreciative, we respond individually to the respective learning goals of the participants. I often hear feedback that the way I conduct my seminars, how I listen, stimulates positive thinking about oneself in a good and constructive way.

What drives you personally?

I enjoy my work immensely. I have a deep fascination for human life and the quirks it can have. In every seminar I am allowed to work with people who tell me about their circumstances and difficulties. And then we can deal with my favorite topics: How we can enjoy our days - at least often enough, how we can develop and use our skills in the best possible way, how we can deal with our emotions, how we can deal with fears and problems, and how we can make our dreams come true.

My own was to be a painter for a long time. So I became a painter, with my own studio and my own name. It was also important to me to write a doctoral thesis one day. So after finishing art college I studied computer science and did my doctorate there. It was there that I noticed how much I enjoy teaching and helping people to develop themselves. So I became a trainer and coach. And I've been doing that for a while now - with unbroken enthusiasm.

Can your participants actually take something valuable with them? Does the transfer work into everyday life?

Yes. I hear that a lot after my seminars. On the one hand, I think it has to do with the fact that I make it a rule to only pass on methods or techniques to my participants if they have been proven to work not only for many others but also for me. This means, I have experience with most of the things I teach. I think that's important.

On the other hand, we use specific methods that make it easy for the participants to actually and sustainably change their own behavior during and after a course.

What are you grateful for?

I ask myself this question every day. The answers give so much energy and meaning. For my parents. Endlessly grateful. For my family! For my Swabian childhood. For the life that I was allowed to and may live. For the trainings that we are allowed to carry out. For every encounter in these trainings.

Do you have further questions? Ask me!