Individual coaching can be useful in very different situations:

  • Carreer-Coaching
  • Doctoral-Thesis-Coaching
  • Presentation-/Job-Application-Coaching
  • Coaching for specific situations

Coaching can be worthwhile, for example, if you are considering the direction in which your career should continue - whether you want to stay in the academic world or prefer to switch to industry. But even if you find in the middle of your doctoral thesis that it is difficult for you to get ahead and make certain important decisions. Or if you want to prepare a presentation very well.

In most cases it makes sense to work together in several separate sessions. Usually three sessions or more. It often makes a big difference whether you have already taken courses or seminars on the relevant topics or not. If necessary, it can be useful to learn important basics in a course before your individual coaching sessions.

We proceed as follows: You send us a coaching request with a concrete description of your request, up to half a page, please no longer. There you describe your concern and your desired goal. We then decide which trainer is best suited for the coaching. You can then conduct an initial consultation call of up to 15 minutes free of charge with this coach. Then you can decide whether you will carry out the coaching and how it should be designed. We will also inform you of the prices for the coaching in this initial consultation.

Are you interested? If so, please send us your coaching request.

Satisfied and happy with the coaching

Mónica Peña Luna PhD student, IGBMC, France

After meeting Matthias in a Ph.D. course about presenting science, I participated in a 6-weeks private coaching program by Matthias and Susanne Reizlein. The coaching was focused on improving a scientific presentation, and I chose to work in my Ph.D. thesis defense. During the program, we had weekly meetings in which we worked first on the visual part of the slides and then on my performance as a presenter. I followed Matthias and Susanne's advice, and I had several rehearsals with them, from which I got feedback. My presentation and slides were commended on the day of my defense. I am extremely satisfied and happy with the coaching advice, and I highly recommend Susanne and Matthias's work.