Time- and Self-Management – Four Webinars

The most effective Techniques including Home-Office Tips

For up to 60 doctoral and/or postdoctoral researchers, in German or English

4 webinars, 2 hours each

Trainer: Dr. Matthias Mayer

This format can be targeted to focus smaller groups and also be specified to address either only doctoral students or postdocs. All four webinars should be visited as a series. Please tell us your demands.

One of the most important skills scientists need next to subject related expertise is the ability to realistically plan and organize their research in the long term – and to effectively structure every single workday. In this webinar series you are invited to re-think your current behavior and to consider well-proven powerful techniques. Highly interactive online format.


You know how to …

  • define your direction by goal setting, using a master plan and good decision making
  • effectively plan your time (long, medium, short term) and organize your day
  • gain maximum concentration when you need it and get rid of time-killers


Prepare for the Real World & Follow Through

  • Making decisions and developing initiative
  • How to (re-)gain motivation
  • Time planning on three horizons: master plan, weekly and daily planning
  • Setting priorities: Eisenhower Method & Pareto Principle
  • Finding your balance: research project – job – private life
  • Getting rid of your most severe time-killers
  • How to gain highest concentration
  • Controlling your inner state through relaxation techniques
  • Reflecting your current habits & setting clear goals for improvement


Interactive webinars with trainer-input, partner- and small-group exercises. You will reflect your own behaviour and discuss topics in the plenum. Between the webinars you will work on small tasks (workload up to 2 hrs). You will work with a buddy to mutually support each other during your six weeks “test phase” after the webinars. This helps you following through your desired behavioural changes.


A game-changer for me

[...] this class encourages you to take an honest look at your work habits, reflect on your goals, and ultimately help you be more efficient (and staying sane).

A game-changer for me has been to structure my workday according to my biorhythm. I used to feel guilty for not being as productive in the middle of the day and usually tried to force myself to work, which really wasn’t efficient and just led to more feelings of guilt. Matthias’ reminder that it’s natural to have different energy levels throughout the day, but that we should work with them instead against them, made me restructure my day [...]

Matthias is incredibly enthusiastic about his work and also talked about his own experiences and struggles, which [...] made the experience more personal and relatable. [...]

The class was super helpful for me, not necessarily because I learned lots of new things I hadn’t heard about before, but it was Matthias’ way of communicating that encouraged me to reflect and then be consistent in using the tools that I found most helpful.

Lisa Matthias , PhD Student at FU Berlin - participating in a series of 4 web seminars on Time- and Self-Management for Doctoral Candidates (30+ participants)

Refreshingly different

The workshop on time management with Matthias was refreshingly different: very interactive - despite or especially thanks to the online format - and very personal.

In addition to the tools that Matthias presented to us, I mainly took away a different perspective on time, work, and my potential.

I no longer ask: "How am I supposed to cope with so many tasks in such a short time?" But rather: "How can I use the time optimally for myself and my goals?"

Time pressure turns into opportunity. That worked because Matthias radiates this attitude himself - at this point, thank you for the many personal stories that made everything much clearer and more convincing! [...]

I am sure that the seminar will have a lasting positive influence not only on my work, but also on my life.

[After a 2-days online-seminar on time management. Translated from German]

Larissa Höfling , Doctoral Candidate, University of Tübingen

I learned setting the priority and how to say No

[...] The contents of this two-day workshop were highly concentrated with various concepts and methods in time management and self-management.

What I found really good in this workshop was that Dr. Mayer gave the participants sufficient time to discuss and practice [e.g. in] different break-out rooms [...]

The most important things I learned from the course are setting the priority and how to say no. Although I have heard the conception of setting priority, I had never learned it systematically. [...]

This [course] gave me a chance to deeply think about my daily routines and what is really important for myself. [...]

[This] is a very well-organized and content-rich workshop, and definitely deserves participation.

Yawei Gu , Doctoral Student, University of Freiburg - Participant of an online, 2-days seminar on Time- and Self-Management for Doctoral Candidates

Concentrated food for thought

A day has 24 hours, there is nothing we can do about it... But the way in which we use this time is very much in our hands! Somewhere between excessive swotting and procrastination lies the balance of how students can successfully go through their studies and [...] also enjoy this time.

Matthias' seminar offers plenty of time for food for thought in order to find this balance [...]

Matthias is the person who shows you what you need for your trip and helps you to pack your backpack!

He explains in a very inspiring and encouraging way visual analogies and metaphors that stay in your mind and accompany you on your path. [...]

The most important lessons I take with me [...] are the power of meditation and control over the inner state. Shortly after the seminar, I integrated the techniques I had learned into my daily routines. I don't want to miss looking at my daily list in the morning and kissing the frog! 😉

[After a 2-days online seminar on time and self management. Translated from German]

Emely Reinhold , Student, Univ. of Hamburg