Stress Management

How to balance work and life - and recover from stress

For up to 14 doctoral and/or postdoctoral researchers*, in German or English

Workload: 11 hours - online meetings and video content

Trainer: Dr. Andrew Wold

Your Benefit

Some stress can be a positive motivating factor, but too much will hold us back from fulfilling our full potential. Academia is plagued with stress, and not addressing it can have serious health implications. In this workshop, we will discuss balancing work and life, and learn how to maximize recovery from stress.


We will do group and individual exercises to prevent stress, develop strategies to cope with unavoidable stress, and utilize stress in a positive way. We will help to identify your level of stress and then practice stress reduction techniques to relieve pent up pressure when dealing with work, life, and whatever faces us in the future. Finally, we will build our resistance to stressful situations by developing a personalized sense of boundaries and self-assigned goals. In this workshop, you will reflect on stress and learn to effectively dissolve it.

Digital Course Format

Two video meetings, one individual (30-minutes, times booked Doodle) and one group (2-hours, via Zoom). Besides meetings, participants will have online video material and assignments (sharing experiences of stress reduction techniques and applying goal attribution). Participants will have access to online video material at least one week prior to first meeting. During our private meeting, participants will receive personalized feedback on how to implement optimal stress management. The second (group) meeting will discuss key concepts and assignments issued in the video material. Total workload: 11 hours (4.5 in video material, 2.5 in meetings, 2 in preparations, and an additional 2 in assignments).


Stress evaluation, relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, theory in structuring and prioritizing work/life balance, goal attribution