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42 Lessons - None

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Dieser Kurs gibt dir die Möglichkeit, dein eigenes kommunikatives Verhalten zu reflektieren und grundlegende Axiome, Modelle und Techniken kennen zu lernen. Es ermöglicht dir, deine zukünftige Kommunikation durch direkt anwendbare, wertvolle Strategien zu erweitern.

Wir werden uns vier Bereiche ansehen:
Wie du für gute Beziehungen sorgen kannst
Wie du Feedback geben und schwierige Gespräche meistern kannst
Wie du selbstbewusst sein und auftreten kannst
Wie du deine Kommunikation abrundest

Dieser Kurs wird in unserem "hybriden Online-Format" angeboten, bestehend aus zwei Live-Online-Meetings und vielen Videos, die im Vorfeld und zwischen beiden Meetings anzusehen sind.

In den Live-Meetings wirst du dein Verständnis vertiefen, in Übungen, Rollenspielen, in Kleingruppen- und Partnerübungen. Wir werden deine Fragen besprechen und ausgewählte Fälle von Teilnehmenden betrachten.

Dieser Kurs gibt dir die Möglichkeit, dein individuelles kommunikatives Verhalten und deinen eigenen Stil zu reflektieren und zu verbessern.

Melde dich am besten gleich dafür an :-)

41 Lessons - None

Not started

This course gives you the chance to reflect upon your own communicative behavior, to understand fundamental axioms, models, and techniques. It allows you to enrich your upcoming communication with directly applicable, valuable strategies.

We will look at four areas:
How to care for your relationships
How to share feedback and master difficult conversation
How to be and appear confident
How to be a great communicator

This course is provided in a hybrid online format, consisting of two live-online meetings and many videos in advance and between both meetings.

In the meetings you will be able to deepen your understanding by applying the methods and exercises, role-plays, you will discuss in small groups and with partners, we will discuss your questions and look at your individual cases.

This course gives you a chance to reflect upon and improve your own individual communicative behavior and style.

Thus, sign up for it right now :-)

24 Lessons - None

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In this course you will learn everything relevant for finding your next position of your dreams :-)
This course is specifically designed for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs in the Life Sciences.

These four big areas will be covered:

How to find your dream Job:
1. Which job(s) suit you? / Which career paths are available out there?
2. Where to find open positions
3. How to convince with CV and CL
4. Mastering the Job Interview

Highly recommended for all doctoral candidates or postdocs who want to have a great start into their career.

4 Lessons - Advanced

Not started

This short video training is designed to support you preparing for your presentation at the IGBMC doctorate contract competition.
You will get hands-on tips how to approach your 12-minutes' presentation and the Q&A thereafter.

15 Lessons - Easy

Not started

Unlock the secrets of compelling scientific talks with Dr. Matthias Mayer in this intense hybrid online course! You will train essential skills for effectively presenting your research to your audience. Learn to craft crystal-clear content, design impactful slides, and master the art of convincing on both physical and virtual stages. Elevate your presentation game with individual feedback, practical exercises, and a proven methodology. Whether you're delivering a TAC talk or a public presentation, this course ensures you leave with the tools to captivate any audience.

This hybrid online format consists of two live online meetings, in which you will present and receive feedback, as well as videos and tasks that you will need to watch / work on before and between the two meetings.

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